Legends of Aria Italia Test Server


Website https://legendsofaria.info
Connection Ip cluster2.shardsonline.com:5001
Language IT
Status In Development (Open)
Type Any
Discord https://discord.gg/nNbyCj
Forum https://www.legendsofaria.info/forum/


Base game + custom sets and systems:
– Npc Questers Tutorial, Random, Daily, Weekly, Storyline
– In game Market
– Rituals
– Ingame Players account Backup
– Two Towers Map with Deathmatch, Ctf, and Team vs Team.
– Server Rank System
– Mascotte like Diablo 3
– Insure
– Auction House
– Items/spells macros with last target – self target.
– 5 Minichampion spawn
– Region miniBoss
– Breeding and Growing System for Pets
– New player UI with resource counter and Improved stats
– Superior and dynamic Combat System with new abilities/spells
– In Game Divinity
– Automatic Event creator
and much much more


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