Website http://www.teiravon.com
Connection Ip cluster1.shardsonline.com:5009
Language US
Status Open
Type Any
Discord https://discord.gg/EWhMMeA
Forum https://www.teiravon.com/forum/


Teiravon is more than a server; it is a roleplaying project and experience that was started nearly 20 years ago. Originating as an Ultima Online shard, the focus of Teiravon has always been community building and storytelling. Within the context of Legends of Aria, we encourage players to weave a story wherein their interactions with others throughout the world propel the legend and lore of the universe.

Teiravon seeks to make players part of the saga – what part you play within the world is determined by you and your interactions with the community around you.

Outside of Teiravon, you can chronicle your exploits on the forums where you can tell your tale or where you may find your story written into the game by the Sentinel (a watcher that catalogues events within the world to keep newcomers apprised). Here conflicts are a part of the game and wars will be fought, but the real bread and butter of world building exists beyond a kill/death ratio.

Teiravon is a playground for the imagination where the compelling reason to come and partake is to see where the story goes. If you want to be a part of something bigger than PvP, if you have a character or characters within you wanting to be a part of a world, then we’re the place for you… Your imagination is the coin of the realm. Start your adventure today…


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